here's how it works.


your story has a setting

It's the worldview you were given via nature, nurture, and culture. It's the sum total of your past and the past of those that brought you into the world. Just as you cannot understand a story by starting in the middle, you cannot fully understand your present moment without first understanding and coming to terms with where you've come from. What if a lot of who you are had very little to do with you?


your story is shaped by conflict

Every story has conflict, but the meaning of a story is determined by what the character does with that conflict. Conflict exposes our core. It reveals the best and worst characteristics of who we are as human beings. Courage and cowardice. Faith and fear. Loyalty and self-preservation. We have all suffered in life. We have all been the villain at one point or another. Whether your story will be one worth telling depends on how you answer this question. How do you handle your conflict?


here's how to get started.


DISCOVER is a 1-session class

• You’ll be introduced to the big ideas that make Narrative who she is

• More importantly, you’ll see how those same ideas can help you live a more beautiful life

Act 02 | PROCESS

PROCESS is a 4-session class

• You’ll be immersed in The Narrative Process

• You'll be exposed to universal truths that show up in the particulars of your day to day life

• In the end, you’ll be invited to take ownership of your story as you begin to fully embrace who you are and to courageously pursue what it is that you’re doing here

Act 03 | RESOLVE

RESOLVE is not composed of sessions

• It is an ongoing lifestyle that we as a community would love to walk alongside you

• This is where you intentionally live out the story you want your life to tell, as you live from the wholeness of who you are, for what it is that you’re doing here