beautiful people with beautiful stories.


Benjamin Tercero

Vision Guide

I was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM and I love it like no other place. I have the most beautiful wife and kids, and I am so thankful for the gift of being able to play my part in their stories. I have four brothers, three sisters, and a father and mother that continue to sacrifice for the benefit of our family.


I'm passionate about learning, creating, teaching, leading, spending time with family and friends, and having meaningful conversations with people about their stories and perspectives of the world, especially when it's different than mine. I enjoy playing tasty licks on my guitar, drinking good coffee and beer, and winning in Super Smash Brothers, which is the only game I take time to play. It irritates me when people don't pull their own weight just about as much as it irritates me when slow drivers are in the fast lane or when someone who obviously has more than 27 items gets into the 15 items or less line. 


I grew up in church, but when I was in middle school my family went through a traumatic event involving physical, psychological, social, and spiritual abuse, and I walked away from religion as a whole. I spent much of my life as an agnostic studying, comparing, and experimenting with other worldviews and philosophies of what it means to be human, and I wouldn't trade those experiences if I could.


Eventually, I became aware that Jesus, the embodiment of love, had always been with me, closer than my own skin and cells. I woke up to his voice within me, and my heart's desire became to help others realize that love has always been with them. Nobody is "far from God." God is here, always. God is with you, always. No matter who you are, where you are, or what you find yourself doing, God is there, and the story of Jesus, like no other story, put flesh to the truest reality that God loves you, as you are.


Which leads me to Narrative. I'm starting Narrative because I believe that everyone deserves to discover who they are and what they're doing here in a community that they can belong regardless of what they believe, and I think Jesus does too.


Your story isn't meaningless. It matters. All of it matters, the beautiful, the broken, and the mundane. This world needs you to live from the fullness of who you are.


Will you own your story or will your story own you?


Alicia Tercero

Executive Guide

I love sports, cooking, creating, learning, asking questions, serving, being a mother and a wife, getting cozy in a warm blanket, and of course, wearing comfortable pajamas or sweats!


I hate gossip, when people trust their assumptions instead of simply asking, being pestered, my ears being touched, complaining, when Benjamin doesn't put a trash bag in the trash after he takes it out, and when people are not responsive or apathetic...


Narrative is my passion. I've always loved hearing people's stories and guiding them through a process of asking the big question "WHY" so they can see the shadows and confabulations they have lived in. I love being able to see people break past the trap of settling for mediocrity and challenging who they are to live in the light of their full potential. It is awesome to see people experience revelation that actually makes a permanent difference. I believe the Narrative Process can really wake people up to their own reality and courageously live in a world that is full of uncertainty and possibilities. Taking ownership of that is a critical need for all people and I would love to see that happen!