Characteristics: what makes us, us

01. Unconditional Love

we are fully loved as we are

02. Authentic Living

we are honest about where we are

03. Ongoing Growth

we refuse to settle by choosing to flourish

04. Teachable Attitudes

we are always learning with humble hearts

05. Relational Accountability

we are committed to each other's growth

06. Communal Ownership

we are contributors, not consumers

07. Focused Effort

we do more by doing less

08. Creative Limitation

we defy the impossible with what we have

09. Constructive Conflict

we lean into anything that makes us better

10. Intentional Excellence

we give everything in all we do


Beliefs: thoughts that shape us

Visual Theology

Our friends at The Bible Project have put together beautiful videos that explore the Bible as a unified story. We have categorized them into the playlists below so that you can binge until your heart is full. These playlists will continue to be updated as The Bible Project continues to create content. The Bible Project is a crowd-funded non-profit animation studio supported by viewers like you.